mdt500he-dog-tag-machineNEW! MDT500HE - The best automatic solution for embossing or debossing dog tags and medical alert tags..

The MDT Series dog tag embossers are the most reliable, easy to use, fully automatic dog tag and medical alert tag embossers in the market. The latest MDT500HE all-in-one integrated unit comes with removable hoppers and a host of other features not found in other dog tag machines:

  • Built-in standard keyboard for quick set-up and operation (no need to worry about external keyboard and connector).
  • Linux based CPU, multi language support & high resolution LCD display
  • Interchangeable cassettes for easy switch between medical alert and dog tags
  • Auto switching power supply (110V-240V)
  • Optional USB Key loaded with the BLADE Lite software application to create jobs away from the machine. Simply insert the USB key in the machine and it will run the job  automatically.
  • Light weight – ONLY 50 lbs. with a sturdy case and easy to carry built in handle. Truly portable.

    Marine 1

    Marine Working 1

    Lady Soldier

    Soldier 2 copy

    MDT500HE is the favorite of the U.S. Military. Rugged. Reliable. Combat Proven. Deployed Worldwide including Iraq and Afghanistan. Built-tough. Puts all of its competitors to shame816285583815dogtag_small02!161934120263Dog_Tagsmall






The fully automatic MDT500HE has been designed as the ideal no hassle dog tag machine for low to medium tag volumes. The machine will personalize up to 135 dog/medical alert tags per hour. Designed and built by the #1 supplier to the US Military with quality materials to ensure years of trouble free service.


MDT500 HE Brochure  pdf image04

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