A selection of machines for embossing metal tags, military “dog tags,” and plastic cards. ME_2000

MDT500-HE-Military.All machines come with a one year warranty and unlimited lifetime technical support.

Military or Government agencies, please note we sell all of our machines to US government and military units. We accept the IMPAC card and sell at favorable GSA contract prices. We provide a full 1 year warranty not 90 days. We cater to and value our military customers. We repair and service all dog tag machines. Plus our prices are much lower than anyone else. We do take trade-ins as well. Contact us for a GSA quote or a copy of our catalog. You can also order easily and quickly on DOD emall using MILSTRIP. Don’t waste valuable time when you are in a hurry getting 3-4 quotes - order using  MILSTRIP!

Our machines are moneymakers, if you are willing to work. They are ideal for setting up a home-based or web business. The portable machines are great for fairs, carnivals, gun shows, and others. Any Army-Navy store that doesn’t have one is missing the boat.

M10-HE-Dog-Tag-MachineMDT500HEFRONT-LrAll of our machines are great for fund-raising and corporate promotions. Churches, camps, schools, youth groups, fraternal organizations, police and fire departments are just a few potential clients. The possibilities are as unlimited as is your imagination. If you purchase from us, we will make sure you succeed, as long as you are willing to work.

Do you own an Army/Navy store or similar business and think you can sell 10 sets of tags per day? Contact us today and discuss our AN Store Deal.

Have a good location for a Dog Tag Vending Machine? Check out our New X=TAG Dog Tag Vending Machine.

Looking for a used machine? Check out our on-hand selection!


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