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M1000 Manual Dog Tag Machine, Reconditioned
Product ID: M1000U


Norcom Model 1000 Manual Dog Tag Machine, reconditioned. Deboss typeset.

Has the following characters: A-Z, 0-9,  . ( " - ) / , degree & - Spanish N '
Price: 3500.00
4,266.85 CAD 2,329.95 GBP 3,236.45 EUR
Out of Stock

M10 HE Manual Dog Tag Machine
Product ID: M10HE-XXX


The M10HE is the entry level metal plate embossing system from CIM. It is the ideal low cost alternative for users who frequently need to personalize small quantities of metal plates as well as military ID-tags (Dog Tags) and cable tags, hose tags, etc. Its portability makes it particularly suited for field operation. It comes equipped with 60 character drum and single character spacing rack. Automatic interspacing, free format on whole plate. Net Weight of Machine 28 lbs.
Price: 4200.00
5,120.22 CAD 2,795.94 GBP 3,883.74 EUR

M10 Manual Dog Tag Machine, Reconditioned
Product ID: M10U


CIM M10 Manual dog tag embossing machine, reconditioned. Emboss typeset. Has the following characters: A-Z, 0-9, - / . , ' " = ( ) & degree, Spanish N.
Price: 3500.00
4,266.85 CAD 2,329.95 GBP 3,236.45 EUR
Out of Stock

MDT500 Dog Tag Machine
Product ID: MDT500


 A compact and user-friendly solution for dog tags! Plus, it is super affordable.

The Metal Dog Tag 500 has been developed exclusively for the Military and is ideal for fully automatic instant issuance of Dog Tags. MDT500 is the ideal no hassle solution for low to medium dog tag volumes. Will personalize up to 100 dog tags per hour. Compact, rugged, designed and built by the #1 supplier of dog tag machines to the U.S. Military with quality materials to ensure years of trouble free service.
Price: 9500.00
11,581.45 CAD 6,324.15 GBP 8,784.65 EUR

Custom Wrap MDT500 HE
Product ID: MDT500HE-W


Our Custom Wrapz will get you some attention. Stand out at the mall. You will get attention and you will get the biz!
Price: 10420.00
12,703.02 CAD 6,936.59 GBP 9,635.37 EUR

MDT500 HE Dog Tag Machine
Product ID: MDT500HE-XXX


The ultimate solution for embossing dog tags and medical warning tags. Perfect for on base or in the field. Built-in carry handle and rugged metal casing makes deploying a piece of cake. No big, cumbersome case to protect the MDT500HE is needed. It is made of metal to stamp metal.

Price: 11120.00
13,556.39 CAD 7,402.58 GBP 10,282.66 EUR



Keyboard Adapter for MDT500 and MDT500 PLUS.
Price: 10.00
12.19 CAD 6.66 GBP 9.25 EUR

ME2000 Automatic Embossing System
Product ID: ME2000-XXXXX


The ME2000 electronic embossers are designed to work with a large variety of metals - stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum copper, brass and even gold. Ideal for embossing military ID tags (dog tags), medical warning tags, metal plates, cable tags, hose tags, VIN tags and more. Can be operated on-line with a PC or mainframe (RS232 communication port) or, alternatively as off-line with the included keyboard.
Price: 29860.00
36,402.33 CAD 19,877.80 GBP 27,611.54 EUR

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