Army Navy Store Deal

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Zero Due at Signing.

For a Dog Tag Machine? YES!

If you want to sell personalized dog tags at your retail store, now's the time to start; this is an offer you will not find anywhere else!


Here's the deal:

  • This program is designed for retail stores that can sell approximately ten sets of dog tags per day.
  • Purchase 720 dog tag kits from Your Supply Depot Limited every quarter at $5.00 per set. Quarterly investment $3600.
  • The machine is yours free to use. *MDT500 HE MSRP $11,200
  • Kit = 2 dog tags,  2 silencers & chains ( 5.5" and 27")
  • Call today for kit pricing, and to reserve your machine 815-568-4115
  • Shipping is additional.
  • Machine loaner period is contingent on number of tags produced per month.
  • Refundable deposit may apply.
  • Signed official agreement from Your Supply Depot Limited required before delivery.

   Red Tag Dog Tag Small