Dog Tag Machines

Manual machines as well as fully automated machines for stamping dog tags and other metal plates.

Used and Reconditioned Machines

Every now and then we have used, factory reconditioned machines available at a very good price. We also have floor models or demo machines. Please check availability

On Sale

These are items with limited quantities or being discontinued, Order now while supplies last.

Dog Tags

The most complete selection of genuine G.I. military dog tags in the world.


Our SUPPLY DEPOT MILSPEC™ chains are made to U.S.Military specification. Made in the USA. Built tough. Made of 304 stainless steel. THE BEST!

Ball Chains
Ball chains in various lengths and materials. Brass, Copper, Black Oxide, Nickel Plated, Gold Plated and Stainless Steel. Made in USA.
Dog Tag Silencers

Over 25 colors of silencers. solid color, multi-color and camouflage. Made of  non-toxic, non-allergenic silicone. 

Embossed Dog Tags

Order custom embossed military dog tags. 

Pet Tags
Brass, aluminum and stainless steel pet tags. Great for stamping or engraving. Made in the USA.
Dog Tag Generator

This amazing dog tag generator will increase your sales! Order it today!

Cable and Industrial Tags

Metal identification plates and tags for a variety of industrial and military needs. 

Machine Parts

In-stock parts for embossing machines.

Engraving Products

Engraving Products - Limited quantities. Many are only quantity of one.


Manuals for current and classic dog tag machines. 

Key Rings, Jump Rings
Key Rings, Jump Rings, S-Hooks, Swivel Hooks and Rivets
Type & Typesets

Type for Graphotype, Norcom and CIM machines.