Dog tag History

The ever-changing history of the dog tag.

You will see from the following pages, the dog tag has had an interesting and ever changing history. In the United States it dates back to the Civil War, although those old tags were not official issue. It appears they were worn by some on a purely personal basis. We even had the potential for a civilian "Dog Tag" back in the FDR administration. There is currently talk of a new "Dog Tag" which will hold all sorts of information over and above the simple 5 lines they currently do. And the shapes have changed over the years - there were round ones, oval ones, notched ones, and the current one shown on our pages.

We would love to have any further information on the history of "Dog Tags" which we could publish for our customers and visitors to our web site.


Military Dog TagMilitary Dog Tag Photo Details:
The Dog Tag of a US Marine Corps (USMC) Marine listed as Missing In Action (MIA) is found among the debris and wreckage of a destroyed Amphibious Assault Vehicle (AAV7A1), at an ambush site located within the city of An Nasariyah, Iraq, during Operation IRAQI FREEDOM. (Released to Public)
DoD photo by: MSGT EDWARD D. KNIERY, USMC Date Shot: 11 Apr 2003

Civilian Dog Tag
Civilian Dog Tag Photo:
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