Model 94 Metal Plate Stamping Machine

The Model 94 Heavy-Duty Press provides for indenting a variety of items with numbers and letters.
• Mono Character Wheel
• Automatic Character Spacing
• Suited for stamping codes in which each part requires a different code
• Easy to operate
• Plates with unlimited height and up to 7" in width can be stamped 4-3/8" from the top of the plate
• Various nests, strip holders, and slides can be custom manufactured for use with the Model 94

Available in any of the following type sizes:  1/8"; 5/32"; 3/16"; 1/4"; 5/16"; 3/8".

The Model 94 allows stamping with larger type up to 3/8". Also punches much deeper than the 40BP. Ideal for applications where a large plate is welded to the material.

The operation of the Model 94 is very simple. Depth of impression is adjustable by a knurled nut on the bottom of the press. The table is adjusted up or down for the proper depth. The operator rotates the dial and pulls the lever to stamp the chosen character. Upon release of the lever the table spaces one character space. The procedure is repeated until the line is completed. A "half stroke" of the lever produces a blank space.

The table insert is moveable in or out without disturbing the clamped parts. Graduated lines are stamped into the left side of the table insert in 1/16" increments. An arrow is stamped into the guide rail to be used as a reference point. There is a stop for setting the left hand margin. At the end of the line, the operator depresses the lever a half stroke. the table can then be moved to the right manually, against the margin stop.