DT101 Dog Tag Machine

Why pay $1,995.99 and more?
This Chinese made machine is all over the internet and on ebay for double our price!
Is it really worth the money? I don't know. It is really a cheaply constructed machine. But so many people will buy just based upon price, so we decided to make it available to you for 50% less than anywhere else. 
Dog Tag 101 is a table top manually operated dog tag embosser. Compact in size, the Dog Tag 101 can be easily transported from place to place, allowing you to personalize dog tags from anywhere you want. 
The character dies are made of hardened steel to maximize durability. Contains full set of English alphabet, 0-9, and symbols to meet all of your embossing needs. 
The special dog tag holder that comes with the machine will secure the tag so that embossing is easy and smooth. 
Just dial the character on the wheel, pull the handle down and release. Embosses up to 5 lines. Weighs less than 20 lbs.