New! M10HE Military Dog Tag Machine

M10HE is the entry level metal plate embossing system from CIM. It is the ideal low cost alternative for users who frequently need to personalize small quantities of metal plates and tags as well as military ID-tags (Dog Tags) and cable tags, hose tags, and more. Its portability makes it particularly suited for field operation. It comes equipped with 60 character drum and single character spacing rack.

Portable, yet robust and compact. Entirely manual and can be used anytime, anywhere. No power supply required. Ideal for military ID tags (dog tags) and medical warning tags. Also great for cable and part identification tags. Will stamp stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper and brass. Light weight – ONLY 28 lbs. with a sturdy case and easy to carry built in handle. Truly portable. Designed and built by the #1 supplier to the US Military with quality materials to ensure years of trouble free service.