MDT500 embosser, used excellent.

A compact and user-friendly solution for dog tags! Plus, it is super affordable. 

The Metal Dog Tag 500 has been developed exclusively for the Military and is ideal for fully automatic instant issuance of Dog Tags. MDT500 is the ideal no hassle solution for low to medium dog tag volumes. Will personalize up to 100 dog tags per hour. Compact, rugged, designed and built by the #1 supplier of dog tag machines to the U.S. Military with quality materials to ensure years of trouble free service.
• The MDT500 is designed exclusively for Military Dog Tag application.
• Fixed Dog Tag format-no adjustments required-EASY!
• Bundled ‘Card for Windows’ software allows easy interface with external database for easy and efficient batch printing of dog tags.
• Embedded Dog Tag format for simple off-line dog tag issuance using a standard keyboard (included.)

The MDT500 is ideal for the U.S. and Army-Navy stores. Weighs only 89 pounds. We have only three of these units left. They have been replaced by the new MDT500HE. Order now while supplies last. These last units come complete, with all cables and software.

Emboss 350 Simplex 2 type set.

*Model shown in photo is special custom unit designed for U.S. Army Recruiting. Available units are plain with no graphics.