MDT500 HE Military Dog Tag Embossing Machine

The MDT Series dog tag embossers are the most reliable, easy to use, fully automatic dog tag and medical alert tag embossers in the market. The latest MDT500 HE all-in-one integrated metal marking machine comes with removable hoppers and a host of other features not found in other metal plate embossing machines.

Embosses the standard US Military dog tags with 15 characters per line. 5 lines. Military sized dog tags are available in dull and shiny stainless as well as brass and several colors of aluminum. It also embosses stainless steel and aluminum plates of 2.25" x 1.25"

The fully automatic MDT500 HE has been designed as the ideal, no hassle dog tag machine for low to medium tag volumes. MDT500 HE metal embosser will personalize up to 135 tags per hour. Designed and built by the #1 supplier to the US Military with quality materials to ensure years of trouble free service.